Monday, September 22, 2008

Zuma applauds Mbeki’s leadership

By Mikhaila Crowie and Mishkah Anthony
22 September 2008

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the ANC has decided, after careful debating, to recall President Thabo Mbeki, after the NEC met over the weekend.

ANC President, Jacob Zuma, addressed the media at the Luthuli house today.

Zuma said the country needs a strong and united party at the helm of government, capable of galvanising support for the government’s development agenda.

Zuma also said the ruling party needs to sustain the confidence of the people of the ANC and its government.

Zuma continued by praising Thabo Mbeki, saying he is a “discipline cadre of the movement” and will readily accept and abide by any decision taken by the organisation.

“We appreciate the co-operation of Comrade Mbeki and the dignified manner with which he has conducted himself during this difficult situation.”

Zuma noted the achievements of government during Mbeki’s reign. He said the ANC has created conditions for a sustained expansion of the South African economy since the Second World War with the rate of growth averaging over 4.5% a year since 2004.

“Government also scored several gains in the social arena such as increasing access to housing, water, education, electricity and other basic services.”

“Comrade Mbeki also succeeded in placing Africa in the forefront of international debates. He made his mark in promoting an African renewal as well as South-South co-operation, between our country and the developing world.”, Zuma continued.

Zuma said there was no reason for South Africans to be apprehensive. He continued by saying the transition will be managed with care and precision.

“We will announce the name of our Candidate in Parliament at an appropriate moment. We have in Cabinet many experienced Ministers including the Deputy President of the ANC, Comrade Kgalema Montlanthe.”

Zuma said they will call upon ANC Ministers and Deputy Ministers, to continue their work and serve the people of the country, supported by the Public Service.

“We also appeal to all South Africans to support the government and its new leadership, and work with them to promote access to a better life for all.”


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