Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New deal to be South Africa’s last political solution

By Sasha Forbes
16 September 2008

News that ZANU-PF’s Robert Mugabe and MDC leaders, Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara have finally succeeded in reaching a mutually-agreeable power-sharing deal, which was signed today, must be welcomed – particularly in light of reports that under the agreement, Mugabe’s executive powers will be greatly reduced.

Spokesperson Lindiwe Mazibuko says “ While the signing of this deal is the first significant ray of hope for the future stability – both political and economic – of our northern neighbour, the Democratic Alliance (DA) nevertheless remains concerned about the durability of this deal, as well as the dangerous precedent it will set for the future of ballot-based regime change in Africa.

They hope, however, for the sake of the people of Zimbabwe, whose country has been crippled by years of socio-economic turmoil and political violence at the hands of Mugabe’s repressive regime, that the signing of today’s agreement, however flawed, will signal the beginning of a new era of peace, stability and prosperity in the country.

Mazibuko also says “We also hope that today’s deal will be the last in a series of political solutions in Africa, which ignore the democratic consensus and threaten to undermine our chances of seeing true democracy take root and flower on the continent.”


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