Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Suicide suspected after photographer found dead in Woodstock home

By Nomava Nobumba
20 October 2009

Police suspect no foul play on the death of popular photographer Garth Stead, but possible suicide.

37 year old Stead was found hanging in his Woodstock home yesterday with rope tied around his neck.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Hilton Malila says Stead died of injuries caused by the rope.

Police were called by a friend to the scene and on arrival, found the decesed hanging in his living room.

"At this stage we suspect suicide, but an inquest docket is open for investigtion," adds Malila.

Stead had been working as a photo editor at a Cape Town media house.


At Tuesday, 20 October, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The headline makes no sense at all. Shouldn't you be checking your work before posting?

At Friday, 23 October, 2009, Blogger Mark Wessels said...

I personally think this whole news article was written terribly badly without any sensitivity shown to the person it is about as well as to his family and friends. The reporter who wrote this should learn to write with empathy, sensitivity and gentleness and could have made a greater effort to speak to any close friends or family like the many other news reporters did to get stronger more valuable or even profound text about this. Things like quotes from friends and family would have given greater depth to the story and at the same time paid the homage and respect due to the legacy of the person the story is about. That person would often say about stories we cover as the media that we must always "look beyond the obvious" to find the real story inside. Nothing like that was done here. Right from the headline to the last full stop. It's a cold, unfriendly, uncaring reportage on a man who was regarded as one of the top photojournalists this country has ever produced. A man hugely respected for who he was and what he did in his life, the lives of others and in the field of photojournalism in this country and abroad. A man who was deeply loved by his colleagues, friends and family. A man who gave unselfishly of himself for others especially those disadvantaged and in need of help. A man who sought the truth and revealed it in his images. A man who gave opportunities to so many others so that their lives could be better and their dreams could become real. A man who loved his children with all his heart and soul, even more than his gift as a modern day story teller. A man who was my own best friend, loved and cherished like a brother. Even my comment says more about him than your article does. It doesn't matter that you might not have known him. As the media it is our job to report on the news, I know, but it's not just cold words in black written on white pages. It's so much more than that in every sense of what words are. They are real and tangible and carry powerful messages. We should strive to live like he did and bring more magic back to what we do. Please approach your next news article with this comment in mind. You will see how incredible you are and what amazing stories you can produce. If not then rather get out of this industry now before you make a bad name for yourself and go do something that you really want to do! My apologies for being so scathing and perhaps to critical. Mark Wessels.


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