'Fault at Oklahoma substation leaves residents in Macassar without electricity

Residents in Macassar are frustrated as they have been without electricity for the greater part of Monday.

Eskom in the Western Cape said this is due to a fault caused at the Oklahoma substation.

Approximately 3 300 Eskom customers in parts of Macassar are without electricity supply… Technicians are on site conducting fault finding and at this point there is no estimated time for the restoration of electricity supply,’’ said Kyle Cookson, Eskom Western Cape spokesperson.

‘’Customers are warned to treat all electrical installations as live for the full duration of the interruption. Eskom apologises for any inconvenience caused to its customers and will endeavor to restore the supply as soon as possible,’’ he added.

SUPPLIED: Ward 109 councillor, Peter Helfrich

Ward 109 councillor, Peter Helfrich, visited the substation where the testing team, on Monday morning.

‘’The teams have informed me that they will now start testing in their attempts to find the fault. The teams have also informed me that they will attempt to implement localised load-shedding while they resolve the bigger fault.’’

‘’This will involve temporary power interruptions for specific customers. This process entails picking up a group of customers for a few hours, and then redistributing the load to another set. It's crucial to understand that those initially picked up may experience subsequent power interruptions again. This will be the strategy until the underlying fault is resolved. Eskom can, however, not guarantee the feasibility of this approach until the fault is identified,’’ added Helfrich.


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