Voter registration kicks off for inmates

Voter registrations for prisoners kicked off on Tuesday, and the Electoral Commission (IEC) is calling on all inmates to take advantage of registration opportunities at their facilities to make them eligible to vote in the 2024 general elections.

The IEC says it is working with the Department of Correctional Services, and urged families of inmates to deliver identity documents (IDs) to correctional centres. 

‘’Acknowledging that a number of offenders do not keep IDs in their possession, family members are thus requested to make the necessary arrangements by delivering any of the following forms of identification: green barcoded ID, smartcard ID, or valid temporary identification certificate (TIC) to correctional facilities,’’ said Sy Mamabolo, Chief Electoral Officer.

‘’The Electoral Commission has been informed that, due to the transfer factor for inmates, Correctional Centres will also be accepting IDs for inmates serving sentences in distant towns or provinces. These IDs will be transferred to the relevant facilities where inmates are incarcerated. The Department of Correctional Services has indicated that it will put all necessary measures in place to ensure that IDs are kept safe,’’ he added.

PHOTO: GCIS Mpumalanga: Witbank Correctional Services 

Mamabolo said eligible inmates will be permitted to apply for voter registration against the voting district in which their home address falls.

‘’The Electoral Commission urges all eligible inmates to participate in the upcoming 2024 National and Provincial elections by updating their voter registration details or registering as voters,’’ said Sy Mamabolo, Chief Electoral Officer.

The Western Cape Provincial Electoral Officer, Michael Hendrickse, echoed Mambolo’s sentiments.

‘’Registration Officers will visit prisons in the province managed by Correctional Services and inmates will be registered to vote in the municipality in which they resided prior to incarceration.‘’

Voter registration takes place from January 30 – February 1, 2024 at correctional facilities across the province.

To be eligible to register, a prisoner must:

· Be a South African citizen;

· Be 16 years of age or older;

· Possess a green bar-coded identity document, smart card or a valid Temporary Identity Certificate;

· Apply in person with his/her identity document to a Registration Officer appointed by the Commission for that purpose.


Done By: Mitchum George


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