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Teenager drowns at Muizenberg beach

A teenager has drowned at Muizenberg beach, on Saturday morning.


The National Sea Rescue Institute’s Craig Lambinon said the 16-year-old boy from Makhaza, was swimming with his friend. The friend was saved by a man who was surfing at Muizenberg.

‘’It appears that a British man, now living in Cape Town, Archie Moberly, was surfing at Muizenberg and after catching a wave and reaching the shallows, some children asked him to help their 2 male friends who were further out in the surf line. Archie paddled towards them where they called out to him to help them, they were separated in the surf zone.’’

‘’Archie rescued a child, believed to be aged 12 or 13, onto his longboard and that child indicated to him where his teenage friend could be seen in distress in the surf zone. Archie left the child safe on his longboard and then swam towards the teenager who then disappeared underwater before Archie could reached him Archie searched for the teenager but after finding no further sign of the teenager Archie retreated towards the beach, with the rescued child, where closer to the beach a lady helped him to get the child to the shore,’’ added Lambinon.

The NSRI spokesperson explained that the teenager was spotted submerged under water, in the surf zone, from the EMS/AMS Skymed rescue helicopter. The boy was brought to shore where Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) efforts, commenced.

‘’After extensive CPR efforts were exhausted, sadly, the teenager, age 16, from Makhaza, was declared deceased. The body of the deceased teenager was taken into the care of Police and Government Health Forensic Pathology Services. Police have opened an inquest docket. The child that was rescued was not injured,’’ said Craig Lambinon, National Sea Rescue Institute’s spokesperson.


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