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Trio arrested in Belville for counterfeit goods worth R5.1million

Three suspects were arrested in Belville on Thursday, for the illegal trade of counterfeit goods worth R5.1 million.


The police’s Malcolm Pojie says the takedown operation, occurred at a shopping complex close to the Bellville taxi rank where two similar operations have recently been conducted.

‘’ Upon the arrival, SAPS members found most of the stores abandoned, but this did not deter the operation to be executed. Three Somalian men in their mid-thirties were arrested,’’ said Lt Col Malcolm Pojie.


‘’One of the three arrestees, a 36 year old man was found inside a shop fronting as a copy shop, where members confiscated a substantial amount of cash, passports, photos, certificates, including, birth, asylum, death, refugee certificates and vehicle licences, affidavits and a money counting machine,’’ he added.


The suspects face charges relating to the possession of counterfeit goods and fraud and is scheduled to appear in the Bellville Magistrates’ court once charged.

Pojie said more charges might be added as investigation by the Provincial Detective’s Commercial branch unfolds.

Western Cape Police Commissioner, Lt Gen (Adv) Thembisile Patekile who termed the trade of counterfeit goods as economic sabotage of the fiscus of the country.

‘’[Patekile] expressed his appreciation towards the members of the team who ensured the successful removal of fake products from the streets of the Province. He also issued a warning to  building owners and landlords who are well aware of the illegal activities on their premises that they are also in the sights of SAPS,’’ said Lt Col Malcolm Pojie.

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