Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Premier Rasool calls on Muslim countries to invest in South Africa

By Sonata Lee
29 May 2007

Premier Ebrahim Rasool traveled to Malaysia yesterday to address the World Islamic Economic Forum in Kuala Lampur.

In his speech, the Premier recalled the words of Mahtma Gandhi and the principles of the Quran to remind Muslims that they are called on to not only comply with their duty but to also pursue the Higher Objectives of their faith.

He stated that the community must pursue beneficial intergration in this age of globisation. He stated that Muslims cannot be blind to their responsibility to the environment and insisted that the gap between the rich and the poor must be closed.

He then challenged Muslim countries to use these Higher Objectives to lead the community to new markets for trade, investment, innovation and progress.

He closed by inviting Muslim businesses to invest in South Africa’s burgeoning economy.


At Friday, 08 June, 2007, Blogger Rudi Scholtz said...

Do you have specific details on how one can invest?

South African Stocks and South Africa as a alternate stock market investment. Great return opportunities. ask me for advice



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