Wednesday, August 13, 2008

City of Cape Town takes a stand against graffiti

By Yamkela Xhaso
13 August

The City of Cape Town's Safety and Security Committee has declared unsightly graffiti won't be tolerated, because it decreases property value.

Soon, the responsibility will be on home owners to remove graffiti defacing their properties if a Council bylaw is amended.

Councillor, JP Smith says they'll take action against property owners who fail to remove graffiti from perimeter walls.

Smith says they will however assist people who can't afford to clean up graffiti in their area.

“The people must get the council’s permission before tagging walls and we have put at place a mechanism which protects mural artist as opposed to graffiti vandals so that a big distinction can be made between graffiti and murals”

Smith added, “at the same time we roll out this hand in hand with a policy that allows us to clean up graffiti and we are already funding some clean-up in different areas”

“The purpose is to reach a wide reaching in terms of graffiti clean –up, so that one can be proud of their social environment.

"I think we can put more emphasis on removing gang-tagging”Smith said that those opposed to the bylaw should come forward so that a compromise must be made to reach an agreement" said the councilor


At Wednesday, 13 August, 2008, Anonymous Francois said...

Every so often, JP Smith brings up this issue.

He seems to model himself on Rudy Giuliani the former mayor of New York who cleaned up the inner city for the rich.

JP is on the same track. Capetonians need to be careful of him!!!

He is always "cleaning up the city" - he also wants to get rid of sex workers and the homeless.

Perhaps Bush Radio should organise against him like they did a few years ago again.

He is a scary little man.


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