Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Full steam ahead for Philippi stadium upgrade

By Mishkah Anthony
20 August 2008

The Philippi stadium will be officially handed over to contractors tomorrow. The stadium has been selected by the 2010 World Cup organising committee as a practice venue.

Western Cape 2010 co-ordinator Dr. Laurine Platzky explains that on a call for proposal for a tenant for the Philippi stadium, a club, a business involved with sport, young people and youth development to operate the stadium for the next ten years, and the lease is also available for an extended period for another ten years.

“the call for proposal went out on Friday and we looking forward to responses from the private sectors and clubs to run the Philippi stadium with programs such as youth and sport development.”

Dr. Platzky added that once the contractors are finally on site, one will begin to see developments ahead of 2010 that will also be part of our legacy, which is a very exciting development for one of the poorest areas in our province.


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