Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Suspect arrested for housebreaking in Houtbay

By Cindy Witten
12 August 2008

This morning, police received a complaint of burglary committed by four men Houtbay. It is alleged that a brick was thrown at the window and gained access into the house. The home owner was threatened by what is thought to be a gun.

Police from the Houtbay police station followed all leads, which caused them to follow after the suspects in a high speed chase. The alleged Suspects lost control and as a result the Vehicle landed on a Sand bank.The Alleged Suspects ran in the bushes towards the beach area.

“The four suspects got out of the vehicle and one of them turned towards the Police officer. It is presumed that the man was holding a fire arm. Police then fired shots at the suspects who fled into the bushes. Dog units were sent out, but none of the suspects could be found,” says Superintendent Azraam from the Houtbay police station.

A Houtbay resident later informed Police that one of the suspects got into a taxi. A taxi was stopped and searched; one of the suspects was arrested and taken back to the Vehicle where his shoes were found. The other three Suspects are still at large and investigation continues. The 23 year old man is due to appear in the Wynberg Magistrate on Friday.


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