Friday, August 22, 2008

Newfields Village blame poor housing for burglaries

By Mikhaila Crowie
22 August 2008

The community of Newfields Village in Hanover Park have been hit by 10 burglaries in the past two days.

This come after the Cape Town Community Housing Company (CTCH), fitted all the houses in the area, with plastic window latches.

Residents are angry and now fear for their lives.

Newfields Village Anti-Eviction co-ordinator, Gary Hartzenberg, condemned the CTCH, saying they are being paid millions to upgrade homes in the area but are not spending it on the repairs for these homes.

“Some people are reluctant to go to work, because then they will have to leave their home.”

Residents told the CTCH last week that they want proper metal latches but the company ignored them.

This follows an incident earlier in the month when the resident complained about the old window frames, which the company left behind while doing repair work.

Residents complained that the shattered glass from the windows could be dangerous when the children are around but the company simply said it is “not their problem”.

Hartzenberg said the matter needs to be addressed very urgently.


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