Thursday, August 28, 2008

DA urges Government to come clean about state that Productivity SA is in

By Sasha Forbes
28 August 2008

The problem stricken Productivity SA which plays an essential role in the development and enhancement of productivity and competitiveness in the workplaces throughout South Africa is technically insolvent.

The company’s liabilities exceeded its assets by more that R7 million by the 31 March 2008 which is seven times more than 2007. Independent auditors highlighted the fact as an emphasis in order to point out that this raises uncertainty about the company’s ability.

DA’s labour spokesperson Anchen Dreyer says, “I have been aware of problems that have been onto me confidentially by employer’s months ago by the end of last year already.” Dreyer says that she has asked questions from the minister about them. “They mostly deny the allegations, but now with the auditor general’s report things seem to be coming to ahead.”


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