Tuesday, August 19, 2008

President Mbeki addresses National Assembly at Woman’s Parliament about War on poverty campaign

By Cindy Witten
19 August 2008

Addressing the National assembly at Woman’s Parliament today, President Thabo Mbeki saluted all women on the African continent for the role they play in the running of our country.

The President made reference to the war on poverty campaign recently launched by government. He said that the campaign aims to visit the poorest of the poor communities with the hope of eradicating poverty and to empower woman to become self reliant.
“Government has launched a national War on poverty campaign so as to accelerate and strengthen our struggle against poverty. Naturally, the main focus of this campaign, which will concentrate on the poorest of the poor in all nine provinces, will be woman and children,” said Mbeki.

He added that South Africa is a long way from becoming a non-sexist society, but what we, as South Africans, should strive for is to progress beyond the legacy of apartheid which oppressed woman.
“As society and as public representatives we should never, ever lose hope that we ultimately reach our goal. We should never be discouraged by the occasional setbacks, because if we do, we would demoralise the millions of people whose hopes rest on our shoulders.”


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