Friday, August 22, 2008

Metro police help to curb drug trafficking

By Yamkela Xhaso
22 August

Metro Police returned fire at suspects who have rammed their vehicle during a car chase and arrested a suspect with ecstasy with a street value of R70 000.
Metro Police spokesperson Nowellen Petersen said that being a Metro police officer is a profession that can provide the enthusiasm of grave situations as well as the pleasure of knowing that you are placing an obstacle between a community and the evil forces that look for to damage it.

According to reports, the first case, two Metro Police officers on patrol in Eisleben Road near Philippi Police College saw a bakkie with three occupants jump a red traffic light and almost crash with a bus

The vehicle then stopped, reversed and rammed the police vehicle and tried to ram it a second time but, when they were not successful in stopping it, they raced towards Brown’s Farm and stopped in Bristol Road.
As they jumped out of the car, one pointed a firearm at the pursuing police but, before he could fire, he was shot in the thigh.
One of his companions picked up his firearm and four shots were fired at the pursuing police as the two of them fled down an alley and escaped.


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