Tuesday, July 26, 2016

As we enter the second day of debates things get heated.

Wayne Boonzaaier
26 July 2016

It is day 2 of the political debates in the Bush Radio Studios. Today’s debate topic was the current state of housing in Cape Town.

This is what some of the political party representatives had to say:

DA’s Benedicta van Minnen “I’m not going, this afternoon, to give a whole list of promises about what we would do if we gain power in the City of Cape Town.

The DA has been running the administration in Cape Town and we’re running on our record. 

It’s important to note that since 2001 58 000 houses have been built by the municipality in the City of Cape Town.

In this administration since 2011, 34 000 thousand houses have been built by ourselves. So more than half of the housing built in the metros since its inception has been in this term.

We certainly see this going forward in the next term as we’ve recognized the barriers that we have and we work extremely hard to tear those away.

EFF’s Bernard Joseph “EFF believes that this informal settlement across the metro and across the province needs to be eradicated.

That’s the one area. We also need to ensure that we have adequate sanitation in terms of service delivery and proper water to house and we do not have to build these houses when the toilet is in the kitchen. 

How do you prepare food for your family if the toilet is in the kitchen.

ANC’s Yonela Diko “In 2007 as were in government and the province that if we do not address the issue of housing by 2023, we will have a housing back log of over 460 000 houses.

Now we are at 2016. We had a plan back then if we spend R1 billion into building houses for our people we would’ve addressed the issue a few years after 2023.

In 2009 of course the DA took over government we are in 2016 and the housing back log 400 000.”



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