Monday, July 25, 2016

Political Parties discuss issues in Cape Town.

Wayne Boonzaaier
25 July 2016

Bush Radio hosted various political party members, to take part in a political debate discussing various issues in Cape Town.

Parties that attended include the PAC, ACDP, LPP and COPE among others.

The ACDP says it has been able to set a track record of good governance in Cape Town during their 2006-2011 term.

They also said “During that time we established a solid track record in the portfolios we were managing in that period.”

The PAC says the issue of land is still central to all the problems that are faced within the City of Cape Town.

They also added “ PAC will ensure that we have radical transformation of the economy.

To create skills development for the unemployed youth and to ensure we build new and better communities."

The Local People’s Party says in terms of the City of Cape Town’s budget, the youth is not properly catered for.

The party’s leader said: “When we look at youth empowerment in terms of our city’s budget, they are almost invisible and ignored.

When in fact most of the money is wasted on expensive consultants. If we could use that money empowering our youth we would go much further.

And what we are proposing in our manifesto is that 10% of all government budgets should be used for youth empowerment.”

Lastly, COPE touched based on waste removal, saying everyone knows that in the poorest areas there are serious rodent infestations.

COPE's Farouk Cassim discussing waste removal in Cape Town.

They also added “ We need to make sure that refuse removal gets proper attention.

Refuse is a source of energy, because the refuse dumps are high in various gasses that can used and exploited.”



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