Cape Town mayor launched a drive to position Cape Town as the ‘Gateway to Antarctica'

Cape Town mayor, Geordin Hill-Lewis launched a drive to position Cape Town as the ‘Gateway to Antarctica’.

According to Hill-Lewis, Cape Town is well-placed to gain the economic benefits of being an Antarctic gateway city, with a 5-hour direct flight across the Southern Ocean in the 24-hour Antarctic daytime on Wolf’s Fang runway in Queen Maud Land. 

 PHOTO: Antarctica

Antarctic tourism is growing very quickly, with more tourists visiting this destination. At the moment, many tourists depart from elsewhere - but Cape Town is undoubtedly the best place to come before heading to Antarctica. 

Hill-Lewis said it was also great to learn about the accommodation materials, and much of the equipment and supplies for Antarctica, are made in Cape Town.

“Visiting the world’s remote seventh continent is the closest anyone will come to experiencing life on another planet. Except this is our planet, and the only one we’ve got. Sustainable tourism holds not only economic and job creation benefits for our city as a gateway, but also enhances the viability of scientific research on the continent.’’


Done by Esona Mfazwe


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