WhatsApp user purports to be IEC head, Sy Mamabolo

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has warned the public of an imposter posing as the Chief Electoral Officer, Sy Mamabolo.

In a statement, the IEC said the Commission first became aware of the impostor in October 2022 and issued a public alert and reported to the matter to police for investigation.

‘’Indications of the South African Police Service are that investigations are still continuing. The activities of the imposter receded in December 2022 but have now resurfaced since the weekend,’’ said Kate Bapela, IEC spokesperson.

Bapela said the impostor uses the cellphone number 084 577 9791. The impostor appears very active on WhatsApp wherein he or she is conversing with unsuspecting professional contacts and acquaintances of the Chief Electoral Officer.

‘’The WhatsApp account linked to the 084 577 9791 bears the photographs of the Chief Electoral Officer. These photographs are easily accessible from news sites and publications on the internet,’’ she added.

Members of the public are encouraged to contact the police should they encounter anyone claiming to be the Chief Electoral Officer. Furthermore, members of the public are also urged to contact the Commission to verify any information.

The IEC condemned the impersonation of the Chief Electoral Officer, saying it is damaging the reputation of the institution,

‘’a feat we can least afford as we scale up the preparations for the 2024 National and Provincial Elections. We urge the South African Police Service to intensify the investigation and apprehend the culprit as his or her criminal conduct undermines electoral democratic processes of the country and the Commission as a foremost election management body on the African continent,’’ said Kate Bapela, IEC spokesperson.



Done By: Mitchum George


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