Crime escalates in Grassy Park due to increasing homelessness

A combined safety meeting in Grassy Park addressing crime, revealed that areas with an increasing homeless population have seen an increase in criminal activity.

This is according to ward councilor Donovan Nelson.

He says that this has led to many residents complaining and raising the issue with councilors.

Meanwhile, Grassy Park Police Station Commander Col Dawood Laing, said most people living on the streets of Grassy Park on 5th Avenue and Victoria Road were not displaced, but rather chose to live on the streets.

“Currently, the spaces where (street people) live have become drug hotspots and grounds for criminal activity. This has led to many residents complaining and raising the matter with councilors. Tonight’s meeting has serious implications for Grassy Park and is a pivotal step in the right direction. It’s important for us to get everyone in the room when it comes to these complex matters.” 

He added that crime, drug trades, and gangsterism have since escalated, with some dealers being as young as fifteen.

“Most of the people have families and parents who live in Grassy Park. At home, they have rules to follow, such as not being allowed to use drugs, so they choose to sleep on the streets." 


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