Alleged Parliament arsonist case postponed; More time needed for evaluation

The case against the man accused of setting sections of Parliament alight has been postponed.

Zandile Mafe was expected back in court on Monday, but in a court session on Friday in Mafe’s absence, Judge Nathan Erasmus said the case has been postponed as more time is needed for his psychiatric evaluation.

COURTESY - Storm Simpson: Zandile Mafe

The Western Cape High Court, on 28 March, ordered alleged Parliament arsonist Zandile Mafe to undergo 30 days of mental health observation at the Fort England Psychiatric Hospital in Makhanda, Eastern Cape, after Mafe refused to return to Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital in Cape Town.

Mafe is accused of arson, housebreaking with intent to commit arson, terrorism and theft in connection with the Parliament fire in 2022.

Erasmus said he was told the assessment of the accused still needed to be completed.  After his arrest in 2022, Mafe was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

Practitioners in the Eastern Cape are determining whether Mafe suffered from mental illness or intellectual disability at the time of the alleged offence and whether he was capable of understanding court proceedings.

The case has been postponed to 8 June


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