Placements in WC for 2024 school year now available

Parents and caregivers who applied on time for the 2024 school admissions in the Western Cape, will from Monday, be able to view the outcome of their applications.

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) opened applications on 13 March and closed on 14 April 2023.

Education MEC, David Maynier, said schools have been applying their admission policies over the past few weeks to determine successful applicants based on their capacity for 2024.

Parents will be able to check their outcomes at:

Any parents who encounter technical problems accessing the site can be assisted by calling 0860 142 142, emailing or using the “Contact us” link on the login page.

Parents can expect to see the list of schools applied to, with the outcome of the application to each school visible.


Maynier added that if you have received an offer of a place for your child, a button will be visible that will allow you to confirm and accept the place. He said parents who have been offered a place must confirm their choice of school by 19 June 2023, adding that after this date, their highest-ranked choice of school will be automatically confirmed.

‘’We appeal to parents to confirm their places as soon as possible, as this will free up places for other learners. This is especially important where a learner has received offers from multiple schools. Once these ‘double parked’ learners are confirmed to a specific school, the places at the other schools can be offered to other learners,’’ said David Maynier, Education MEC.

‘’Once the choice of school is confirmed, parents are required to drop off the hard copy documents from their application to their school of choice within 7 days of accepting,’’ he added.

The MEC urged parents/caregivers not to panic should their child be unsuccessful in getting placed during this first initial phase.

‘’We know that this is extremely stressful and disappointing, but we appeal to parents to bear in mind that we are still very early in the admissions process, and thousands of places will still open up.’’

‘’For example, over 41 000 learners have been ‘double parked’, allowing over 41 000 spaces to still become available once their chosen schools are confirmed. It is advisable to stay in touch with the schools applied to and to request that the learner be placed on a waiting list. If you do not get a place at any school within the next few months, the WCED will assist you with placement,’’ added Maynier.

He said this will only happen towards the end of September, once all the places at schools have been filled and can confirm which schools still have places available.

Despite the online school applications closed for the 2024 school year, Maynier said parents can still apply for 2024 by completing a learner placement form and submitting this at their education district office.

The form is available here:

Done By: Mitchum George


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