Over 1 800 known drug houses in the Western Cape

There are 1 819 known drug houses in the Western Cape. This is 242 more than June 2021.

This was revealed by the South African Police Service in a reply to parliamentary questions posed by the DA.

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A Known Drug House refers to premises that is allegedly used to distribute drugs and is known in a community at large and to the local SAPS.

1 077 of these located in the Cape Town Metro, and 742 located in rural areas. In June 2021, there were 836 in the metro, and 741 known drug houses in the rural areas.

Gillion Bosman, DA Western Cape Spokesperson on Community Safety expressed concerns over the latest figures.

‘’The negative effects of the illicit drug trade are well-known. Drugs tear apart families and communities, and ensnare too many of our people in the bonds of addiction. Crucially, they provide the most important and vital source of income for gangs, thus driving incessant and constant violence. Indeed, at least 37 of these drug houses are known to have links to organised crime. Ending the constant flow of drugs and money in our communities would go a long way to stopping violence should thus be one of the highest priorities for SAPS.’’

‘’It is unacceptable that drug houses continue to proliferate throughout our province, where they spread their poison into our communities. It is abundantly clear that shutting down drug houses will not only end their stranglehold on our communities, but will also deprive gangsters of their income,’’ he added.

The Western Cape Police Ombudsman are probing the matter.

Bosman has called on SAPS to do more to shut down drug houses in the province.

‘’I will be inviting the SAPS to brief the Western Cape Standing Committee on Community Safety to give an update on these efforts,” said Gillion Bosman, DA Western Cape Spokesperson on Community Safety.

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