Reconstruction of Parliament to be completed by 2025, hears Joint Standing Committee on Financial Management

Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Financial Management held a physical meeting regarding the restoration of the buildings affected by Parliament’s January 2022 fire on the precinct including visit to the affected buildings.

Special Projects Manager, Simon Mashego, gave the presentation of the rebuilding of the Parliament. He explained the short term work package as he further explained the objective of this short term working package.

The key date of the final hand over of the restoration of the building will be on the 10th of September 2025. He then explained what they are going to build and how are they going to approach it.

“The temporary roof in the old assemble will start on the 20th of June and a design has been already put together ensuring that no further damages occur and an amount of R69.7 million is been set aside for the reconstruction of the parliament” said Mashego.


Done by: Alungile Njemla


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