Check 2024 school admissions system login details, appeals WCED

The Western Cape’s Education Department (WCED) has appealed to parents who have applied for the 2024 school year in the province, to ensure that their login details are correct before 29 May.

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From next Monday, parents and caregivers will be able to log in to the online system to view the outcome of their applications as schools upload them.

The WCED said on Monday, they received 21 659 late applications, thus far, which includes 2 006 Grade 1 and 11 388 Grade 8 admissions applications. This is in addition to the on-time applications for 155 330 learners received before 14 April 2023.

Education MEC, David Maynier said School Governing Bodies have been applying their admission policies over the past month to determine placements for next year. He added that thousands of parents that had applied previously on the system had forgotten their passwords and needed password resets.

‘’That is why we encourage parents to make sure that they have their correct password details now, so that we can assist them before the outcomes of their applications become available from 29 May 2023.’’

‘’If parents wait until 29 of May 2023 to request assistance, it could result in having to wait for a response if password reset request volumes are high,’’ added Maynier.

The MEC urged parents/caregivers to test their passwords in advance so that you can resolve any reset issues before 29 May 2023.

‘’By doing so, you will have immediate access to the website on the day to view your application status,’’ said David Maynier, Western Cape Education MEC.

We appeal to parents to test their passwords NOW by visiting:

For assistance on password resets – please contact:

Call Centre: 0860 142 142


Or use the “Contact us” link on the login page!


Done By: Mitchum George


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