Cape Town hospital 'shooter' sent for psychiatric observation

Jean-Paul Malgas, the ex-cop accused of shooting and killing a police officer and two patients at Cape Town’s New Somerset Hospital has been referred to Valkenberg Hospital for psychiatric evaluation. 

This is to evaluate whether or not he can understand court proceedings. 

Valkenberg Hospital PICTURE:

Malgals is accused of disarming Sea Point policeman Constable Donay Phillips, who was escorting him to the hospital for treatment on 7 May 2022. He allegedly shot and killed Phillips and two patients. 

After his first court appearance last year, his counsel had reported that he felt depressed and suicidal. 

However, after hearing the accused’s application for referral on Wednesday, Western Cape High Court Judge Robert Henney demanded to know why the referral was happening so late in proceedings. 

"We are going to wait for a bed for six, eight, 12 months and this matter is going to languish on the court roll," complained Henney.

He suggested that the State and defense consider a plea and sentencing agreement. 

Base on readings of the evidence so far, Henney said that Malgas walked into a police station with a knife to report his daughter missing. 

After a scuffle. He then stabbed a policeman. After a warning shot was fired, Malgas was then apprehended and escorted by Phillips for treatment. Malgas then disarmed Phillips, and allegedly shot and killed him, along with two other patients.

Done by: Thaakiera Ackerdien