Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Obz trio impersonating police

By Tarryn Le Chat
13 March 2007

Observatory has seen the first of a robbery turned ugly when a student and her house-mate were both tied up and she was allegedly raped by three men impersonating police officers last week.

The three men, who are still at large, knocked on the front door of the student’s home in the lower main road and said that a suspect had jumped over the wall and was hiding out in their backyard. They (robbers) were let in as the men had said they were police officers.

After gaining access, the men looted the house, tied up both student and put a towel over his head. It was reported that the female student had allegedly been raped by one of the robbers.

A daily newspaper reported that one of the robbers had been wearing a police-issue bullet proof vest with the word ‘police’ inscribed on it.

Residents of Observatory are now on the look out for the three men. They are to set up a neighbourhood watch and alert as many residents in the area as possible.


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