Thursday, September 24, 2009

Key lock shock for Kraaifontein residents

By Ofentse Mokae
24 September 2009

Kraainfontein residents in a government-subsidised housing scheme shockingly revealed that they may as well sleep with unlocked doors.

This follows after the residents discovered that the keys to their homes were not unique.

They keys to their homes could also unlock the doors of those of their neighbours.

One resident, who has been living in the France housing development, said her house was on one stage broken into, while her sister’s house that is close by also had a similar experience.

She says even if she had put in burglar bars to tighten security, she still had sleepless nights being fearful that someone might break into my house.

Deputy chairperson of the housing development forum in the area, said despite several interactions with the community, this is the first he has heard of the problems regarding similar locks.


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