Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bishop Lavis mother might be charged with murder

By Lelethu Mquqo
28 October 2010

A Bishop Lavis mother who tried, but failed to kill herself and ended up killing her one-year-old child, might be facing a murder charge.

The incident on Tuesday’s increases the number children who have been abandoned or murdered, allegedly by their mothers, to seven in Western Cape in just one month.

In a suicide note, the 32-year-old woman stated that she was financially strained and she was struggling.

She said her daughter’s father was not supporting their only child and no one was helping her and her children.

It was discovered that the woman tried to kill both her and her daughter by overdosing pills.

This is the second incident of this nature in a space of a week.

The mother Philippi mother who poisoned both her and her two daughters last week was discharged from hospital and is currently in prison charged with murder and attempted murder.


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