Five minors arrested for dogfighting in Retreat


Five children, aged between 10 and 12, has been arrested after they were allegedly involved in dogfighting activities in Retreat.

COURTESY - SPCA: Five minors taken into custody for alleged dog fighting

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA says it was alerted to the incident on Thursday, when an eyewitness apparently filmed the minors actively involved in a dogfight with two Pitbull-type dogs.

COURTESY - SPCA: One of the digfighting victims

‘’After a thorough search of the area, the SPCA Inspectors located the minors along with one of the badly injured dogs. When the Inspectors attended to the dog, the minors once again ran away. The minors were later apprehended in Grassy Park with the second injured dog. Both dogs were found to be severely injured with several puncture wounds,’’ said Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA.

COURTESY - SPCA: One of the digfighting victims

‘’The minors, aged between 10 and 12 years, are now in police custody and facing charges in terms of Section 2A of the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962,’’ he added.

This is the second incident of dogfighting reported within a week. Residents in Hanover Park took matters into their own hands when they arrested a suspect  for dog fighting.

Dogfighting is illegal in South Africa. A person found guilty for any involvement in dogfighting is liable for a fine of R80 000 and/or imprisonment of up to 24 months with a criminal record.

‘’A clear and unequivocal message must be sent to those who mistreat animals: their actions are unacceptable, no matter how old they are. The SPCA stands ready to act decisively and make sure justice is done for the welfare of animals,” said Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA.

The SPCA said it has been revealed that the dogs involved were stolen from nearby suburbs. Additionally, the minors disclosed to the Inspectors that this cruel activity is a regular occurrence.

“Hearing this sent shivers down my spine, as it’s deeply unsettling to know that young boys are engaged in such cruel behavior. The realization that if they aren’t stopped now, their actions could escalate to even more horrifying deeds in the future is alarming.” said Inspector Mark Syce of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA.


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