Earthquake in Dieprivier

Authorities have clarified confusion about whether or not a tremor was felt in the Milnerton area on Wednesday Residents reported feeling a tremor late on Wednesday afternoon.

The City of Cape Town’s Disaster Risk Management initially said it did not receive any reports.

‘’The City's Disaster Risk Management Centre has not been able to verify reports of an apparent tremor or blast in the Milnerton area late yesterday afternoon. DRM has also made contact with one of the quarries in the area regarding the reports of a blast. They confirmed that their last blast was several weeks ago, and that none of the other quarries in the vicinity had any blast events either,’’ said Charlotte Powell, Disaster Risk Management Centre spokesperson.

‘’We also checked in with various emergency services and none have received calls related to a tremor, or any injuries resulting from such an incident,’’ she added.

 PICTURE: Physics World

However, the Council for Geoscience later confirmed that it was indeed an earthquake.

In a statement the council's Mahlatse Mononela said that an earth tremor occurred at around 17:37, and that analysis shows that the earthquake registered at a local magnitude of approximately 1.4. The epicentre was located along the Diep River in close proximity to the Milnerton area.

Done by: Mitchum George


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