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Woman found dead in Samora Machel toilet

Western Cape police are probing an inquest after the body of a woman, believed to be in her 50s were found in a toilet in Samora Machel, last week.

The mother of six was found deceased about two kilometers away from her residence. She’s described as a responsible and dedicated individual who was actively involved in the community

‘’Samora Machel police registered an inquest for investigation after the body of an unknown female was found inside a toilet in Samora Machel Road on Friday (2024-03-22).  A post-mortem will be conducted to determine the cause of death,’’ said Sergeant Wesley Twigg.

The deceased, identified as Buyiswa Jacobs, was last seen by her relatives on Thursday evening while she was cooking. She then disappeared from her home until the owner of the house, where her body was found, alerted her neighbours and authorities on Friday morning.

Her cousin Phumla Sam told Ezitshisayo News: “She went to the ANC rally and when she came home, she started cooking. Her son then smelled something burning and went to check in the kitchen and Buyiswa wasn’t at home. She left and no one knew what happened.”

Samora Machel Community Police Forum (CPF) spokesperson, Bongani Maqungwana, says there is much speculation on the woman died.

“It is shocking that she was found in someone else’s toilet, she was heard crying, asking a man why he was doing that to her. We don’t want to speculate at the moment because we don’t know how she died. It could be that she died a natural death. We understand that in Samora [Machel], most toilets are outside people’s homes and are near the gates. We believe she was a neighbourhood watch member. I want to advise people to lock their doors and gates and keep safe.”


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