Two more people taken in for questioning regarding disappearance of Joshlin Smith

Western Cape police have taken in two more people for questioning, regarding the disappearance of six-year-old Joshlin Smith.

Friday marked 25 days since the girl from Saldahna Bay was reported missing.

Joshlin’s mother, who is implicated in the matter, reported Joshlin missing on 20 February, after the girl was not found the previous day. It is reported that the little girl was not feeling well and stayed home, who was left in the care of the mother’s boyfriend.


Both of the accused, with one other suspect appeared in court, earlier this week. The case has been postponed to May.

Police remain mum with the latest development, as the search for Joshlin Smith continues.

“Be advised that it is normal practice that during such intricate investigations, people of interest will be taken in for questioning or will be interviewed with the aim to solve such a case,’’ said Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm Pojie.

“As such, in the interest of solving this case and finding Joshlin, we cannot disclose operational details and give a blow-to-blow account as the investigation into finding Joshlin Smith unfolds as this can potentially jeopardise ongoing investigation. We shall communicate with you should more people be charged to appear in a court of law,’’ he added


Done By: Alungile Njemla


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