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Report illegal dumping, urge CoCT

Residents in Cape Town are urged to report illegal dumping.

The City of Cape Town says its enforcement agencies issued close to 8 000 fines for illegal dumping and littering between July & December 2023.


Chairperson of the Safety and Security Portfolio Committee, Mzwakhe Nqavashe, says during this period, Law Enforcement officers also impounded 68 vehicles used in the act of illegal dumping.

‘’The City’s Traffic Service, Law Enforcement and Metro Police Departments issued 7 778 fines for illegal dumping during the period July – December 2023… While there were numerous notable performance indicators, including CCTV detections, inspections at scrap metal dealers and roadblocks to curb drunk driving, the committee also noted the gains made in addressing littering and illegal dumping.’’

Nqavashe warned that the fine for illegal dumping is R5 000 with the likelihood of the vehicle being impounded.

‘’The driver or owner of the vehicle will then - on top of the fine -  also have to pay R 8 700 to have the vehicle released after the mandatory administrative processes are completed. Vehicles that are impounded for illegal dumping, are kept at the City's Law Enforcement pound. Should the same vehicle be impounded a second time, the release fee is R11 700, and R17 400 for a third offence.’’

The Chairperson urged the public to report illegal dumping and to ensure that detailed information is recorded such as date, time, address and the make, colour and registration number of the vehicle and what is being dumped.

‘’Illegal dumping has many negative effects on the environment, properties and infrastructure. Often the damage to the environment becomes apparent months or years after the dumping took place – such as chemical dumping that could have an effect on underground water.’’

‘’Illegal dumping is a serious offence, but also a selfish act, because it shows a complete disregard for the rights, health and wellbeing of others, and future generations. The Portfolio Committee notes the dedication of our enforcement services in tackling this scourge, which is but one of the many challenges in our city. We also request assistance from our residents to blow the whistle on illegal dumping. This, like many other enforcement priorities, is a shared responsibility, so if you see something, say something,'’ said Mzwakhe Nqavashe, Chairperson of the City of Cape Town’s Safety and Security Portfolio Committee.

He says law enforcement officers regularly monitor illegal dumping hot spots as part of scheduled patrols, but will also act on information received.

Illegal dumping can be reported to the City's Public Emergency Communication Centre by phoning 021 480 7700 from a cellphone or 107 from a landline.


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