The City of Cape Town introduces a platform for online energy services.

The City of Cape Town has launched an online Energy Services Platform. The platform will help make it easier to authorize solar PV applications.

The city has authorized over five-thousand solar PV applications since 2021. The new online portal is expected to decrease authorization timeframes.

City of Cape Town Mayor, Geordin Hill-Lewis, launched the online portal at an event with solar industry stakeholders Wednesday. He says the city will remove obstacles to solar power investments.

“We pledge to remove obstacles to solar power investments and to make more of our services digitally available, and this exactly what we done with this new online portal. We want to incentivize as wide spread investment in solar power as possible in Cape Town so that we can end loadshedding in our city overtime. We also want to buy as excess solar power from residences and businesses as possible via our cash for power programme where Capetonians can earn municipal bill credits for the power they sent back to us.” Said City of Cape Town Mayor, Geordin Hill- Lewis.


Done by: Esobusi Mkangelwa


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