Friday, April 23, 2010

Nzimande call for compulsory African language

By Khanyisa Tabata
23 April 2010

The Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande says universities should consider making students study an African language compulsory for certain courses.

The minister says the technique was used to teach Afrikaans to non-Afrikaans speakers, adding that the move would help strengthen African language departments around the country.

Nzimande was speaking at a summit on transformation in higher education.

Nzimande is quoted as saying it would be beneficial to all the students, help strengthen the African language departments and raise the status of African languages.

Nzimande stressed the importance of curriculum, adding that some African language departments at leading universities have become weaker over the years.

Nzimande said it is essentially about radically changing our society, including our education and training system and all other areas of life to ensure that they can serve the interests of all South Africans in a democratic, equitable and prosperous society.


At Friday, 23 April, 2010, Anonymous megan said...

I agree. And all notices everywhere ought to include one African language translation. This ought to be done in the spirit of togetherness rather than forcefully.


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