Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Education Department angered by arrest of deputy principal for sexual abuse

Lusanda Bill
20 October 2010

The Deputy Principal of Roosevelt High School was on Friday taken into custody this was after five girls of the school laid charges against him.

The 50-year-old has been accused of molesting and sexually abusing the five girls in the school.

The school today has denied that their girls were molested by the deputy principal saying they were in fact sexually harassed.

The school’s Sheldon Smith said “The charges that the girls from our school have laid are just really sexual harassment charges, there is no physical abuse that has been done to those girls. Our way forward is to really offer support to the girls that have been affected, we need to try the best we can for the girls going into exams”.

The Gauteng Education Department has been angered by the incident saying sexual abuse at schools cannot be tolerated. It said regardless of whether the teacher is released on bail, he poses a threat to the girls and will not be allowed to return to teaching.


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