Wednesday, November 26, 2014

ANC in the WC condemns latest racist attack incident

Lusanda Bill
26 November 2014

The African National Congress in the Western Cape has called on government in the province to act against racism.

This follows the brutal and racist attack of a woman in Claremont allegedly by five University of Cape Town students. 

ANC’s Marius Fransman said they will keep an eye on the developments of this case and take action when needed.

Fransman said we cannot continue to treat people as if they are subhuman in the Western Cape. What we have seen our elders whether they are white, black, coloured African or Indian, when an elder is being abused by young white men it becomes a problem.

“We are calling on all police personals to immediately act, we are calling on UCT to suspend those involved and we are calling also on the judiciary to nail them, because this is unacceptable and the ANC will not tolerate our people being treated as if its apartheid still” Fransman added.



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