Elderly man to appear in court after viral video shows him strangling dog

A man who was caught on video viciously strangling a dog to death with a rope, is expected to appear in court next week.

COURTESY - Cape of Good Hope SPCA: Olaf

The 66-year-old from Strand, was arrested earlier after the Cape of Good Hope SPCA received a video from a witness, on 15 March.

‘’In the video, Olaf [the dog] is seen struggling under a thick blanket as attempts were likely made to smother her and then with a rope around her neck, thrashing, gagging and gasping for air while being forcefully restrained by a man. The desperate pleas of her carers did nothing to dissuade him and by the end of the video, a limp Olaf appears to be dead,’’ said Belinda Abraham, Cape of Goodhope SPCA spokesperson.

‘’ Olaf was rushed to Helderberg Animal Welfare Society but was sadly declared dead on arrival. Her body was collected by the SPCA and a post-mortem conducted by an expert veterinary pathologist confirmed that she died as a result of injuries consistent with strangulation,’’ she added.

COURTESY: Cape of Good Hope SPCA

The man was arrested on Wednesday, by Strand SAPS, and appeared in court on Thursday. Police said the suspect was released on a warning to appear in court on the 10 April.

Cape of Good Hope SPCA spokesperson, Belinda Abraham urged the public to ensure pets are in the hands of responsible carers

‘’Shockingly, the suspect has allegedly been entrusted with curatorship over Olaf’s owner’s affairs. As he prepares to face justice, we’re left reflecting on the profound responsibility we hold towards our furry companions.’’

“Please ensure that appropriate provisions are made for the care of your pets by compassionate persons who would care for them as you would should you ever become unable to do so yourself. Olaf by all accounts was well cared for and described by those caring for her to be gentle and loving,’’ she added.


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