Youth involvement in voting in elections

The importance of voting during elections, was one of the topics that was discussed at Bernadino Heights in Kraaifontein, on Friday. This is part of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)’s Schools Democracy Programme campaign, ahead of the May 29 elections. It’s an annual campaign, with over 220 schools participating in 2023


In terms of electoral law, one can be registered at 16 years of age and then carried onto the voters’ roll at 18.

According to data from the IEC in the Western Cape, 47.5% of people registered in the province were born from 1980 onwards.

Provincial Electoral Officer, Michael Hendrickse, was joined by Deputy Director-General of the Western Cape Education Department, Alan Meyer. 

Hendrickse encouraged learners to make use of the hard-earned right to vote and use it to better themselves.

“The sky is no longer the limit, think of the footprints on the moon. Let yourselves not be limited by what people want you to think – politically or otherwise. The answer to how you vote is in your hands.”

Hendrickse urged eligible voters to not believe what friends and family tells them, but to verify information.

‘’It was up to voters to check out who the parties are by referring to party manifestos and verify what they’re being told,’’ said Michael Hendrickse, Provincial Electoral Officer.

Meyer echoed Hendrickse’s comments saying that voting in an election offered the opportunity for the youth to shape their future.


Done By: Mitchum George


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