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Taxi driver arrested for driving into oncoming traffic in Mfuleni

A 34-year-old taxi driver was amongst three suspects arrested in isolated incidents in Cape Town, on Wednesday morning.

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City of Cape Town Traffic Services spokesperson, Maxine Bezuidenhout, explained that officers attached to the Transport Enforcement Unit in Mfuleni, were conducting an operation, when they noticed a taxi driving on the incorrect side of the road, into oncoming traffic, and cutting off vehicles.

‘’They got the driver to stop, but he refused to open the door or window. Officers eventually managed to get the door open, and the driver continued to be uncooperative. At one point, he pulled a firearm that had been tucked into the back of his belt, but officers managed to get hold of the firearm and cuff the suspect,’’ said Bezuidenhout.

‘’Although licenced, the 34-year-old was charged with not carrying the firearm as prescribed by law; reckless and negligent driving; failing to comply with a lawful instruction, and resisting arrest,’’ she added.

Earlier the day, Officers near the Durban Road off-ramp arrested a driver for driving under the influence and a passenger for riotous behaviour and property damage.

‘’Just before 03:00, traffic officers were alerted to a stationary vehicle on the N1 incoming at the Durban Road off-ramp. They found a male passenger assaulting a female passenger. The driver was behind the wheel and tried to drive off, but officers managed to stop him,’’ said Bezuidenhout.

‘’Further investigation found the driver to be under the influence and he was duly arrested. The passenger was arrested for riotous behaviour and damage to council property, after damaging the bonnet of the patrol vehicle,’’ she added.


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