Monday, May 27, 2024

President Cyril Ramaphosa Addresses Nation Ahead of 2024 Elections

On Sunday, President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation in preparation for the 2024 elections, focusing on the country's readiness for the elections and reflecting on his administration's achievements and challenges over the past five years.

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Ramaphosa highlighted the immediate steps being taken to ensure a smooth voting process. "Tomorrow morning at 9am, in voting stations and homes across the country, South Africans who have registered for special votes will begin to cast their ballots. Thousands of South Africans living abroad have already voted. And this Wednesday, the 29th of May, millions more South Africans will exercise this most important of democratic rights."

This election marks the seventh national vote since the end of apartheid. Ramaphosa emphasized the broader significance of voting. "We will be determining the direction that our country takes. We will be taking responsibility for our future, the future of our families, our communities, and our nation."

Ramaphosa commended the Independent Electoral Commission and law enforcement for ensuring the integrity and security of the elections. Reflecting on his administration, he noted, "When this administration took office in 2019, our country stood at a turning point. We had endured a decade of corruption and state capture, of weak economic growth and the erosion of our public institutions. Today, we have put that era behind us.”

He highlighted economic reforms, anti-corruption initiatives, and the nation's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ramaphosa called for unity and encouraged all South Africans to vote. "I call upon all South Africans to go cast their votes. We are a diverse people, but a united nation. Let us be united in our commitment to our democracy. Let us work together to build a better country."

Many South Africans expressed criticism of both the speech and Ramaphosa. They claimed that the address was merely a marketing campaign for the ANC, complained about what they described as 'lies,' and expressed support for different political parties. 

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