President Ramaphosa Criticizes DA for Burning Flag in Ad

President Cyril Ramaphosa has strongly objected to a recent election advertisement by the Democratic Alliance (DA), in which the South African flag is burning. This advertisement has caused quite a stir across the country.

Photo by: Democratic Alliance YouTube

The DA, which is the main opposition party, explained that the fiery image in their ad was meant to show that South Africa is facing serious problems under the current government, led by the ANC. 

In the controversial ad, a voiceover warns that if the ANC stays in power, things will get even worse. However, the ad ends on a hopeful note by showing the flag being restored, suggesting that voting for the DA could improve the situation.

President Ramaphosa responded by saying that the ad is ‘despicable’. He believes that using the national flag in such a manner can hurt the country, since the flag symbolizes the country’s unity and the existence of the nation.

The advertisement has drawn criticism from some South Africans who feel it disrespects a national symbol that stands for unity, especially in such challenging times. Despite the backlash, the DA stands by their message, stating the ad symbolically highlights the critical choice facing voters in the upcoming general election on May 29.

During his campaign, President Ramaphosa has acknowledged the problems in South Africa but has also emphasized the progress made over the past three decades in education, health, and empowerment. He urges South Africans to continue supporting this progress and not undermine the unity that has been built.

As the election approaches, this ad highlights the intense and often provocative nature of political campaigning in South Africa.


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