Thursday, April 26, 2007

Councillor Draws Attention to Non-paying Customers

By Ashley Wichman
26 April 2007

Ward Councillor Ian Iversen publicized his visits to 15 non-paying residential and business customers this morning in Ward 59, Rondebosch and Newlands.

The visits were designed to call attention to the customers who failed to comply with the city’s warnings that water and electricity would be cut if they did not pay their bills.

“These are people that made no effort to come to forward to the city council to make arrangements to pay off their debt or settle in full,” said Iversen.

Water was cut off at commercial properties and residential customers faced water restrictions.

Iversen said he wanted to visits to send a message of equality to Cape Town.

“You are not exempt from action just because of where you live,” said Iversen.


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