Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Grassy Park residents fed-up with selling of drugs in the community

By Tarryn Le Chat
25 April 2007

The community of Grassy Park is fed up with events in which drugs, such as ‘tik’ and heroine, are being sold to children by an alleged police officer in the area.

The alleged policeperson has lived in Grassy Park for the past eight years.

Philip Bam, chairperson of the Logra Civic and CPF, says that the policeperson was arrested on three different occasions for alleged drug-related offences and recently for allegedly intimidating a neighbour.

“The community of Grassy Park has had enough. No action has been taken against him either by the criminal justice point of view or from the departmental point of view. He remains a free man”, says Bam.

Residents have voiced their disgust and have made a plea for all drug lords to leave the area so that their children can have a safe and secure future.

In an effort to curb the ‘evil-doers’ in the community, Bam says the people of Grassy Park will march on 1 May, to deliver an ultimatum to all shebeens and drug lords.

The community has adopted a memorandum against the amendments of the Land Use Planning ordinance that would legalise shebeens.


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