Sunday, April 22, 2007

Protest to take place at District Six

By Odette Ismail
22 April 2004

The Western Cape Anti Eviction Campaign will today hold a protest in District Six around the last remaining 17 households.

The protest will take form of a human chain around the last houses left and many former residents are expected to attend the meeting today.

According to a statement the current residents of the District Six area are all pensioners. Ashraf Cassiem of the Wsetern Cape AEC confirmed that the eldest lady living in District Six was 92 years old. " and she has been living there for 92 years." , says Cassiem.

These people have been living there for years now, but will face being evicted from their homes soon.

The Western Cape Anti Eviction and members of the community has however pushed for an auction to be stopped, but they fear that the residents still might have to face possibilities of eviction

The protest will take place between 12:00 and 14:00 today at Pontac Street, District Six, Cape Town.

Cassiem says that the residents have appealed to everyone and not just former residents to join them in the protest today as they march against the landowner's aim to evict these residents.


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