Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nyanga shack fire leaves 4 dead

By Celeste Ganga
25 March 2008

In the early hours of Tuesday morning a shack fire ripped through the informal settlement of KTC in Nyanga. The fire claimed four lives and more than 100 shacks were destroyed.

“At this stage we cannot confirm how many people were affected. However Disaster Management with the assistance of the Housing Department is reregistering the people,” says Disaster Risk Management’s Wilfred Solomons.

Solomons adds that two adults and two children were killed in the fire. He says the cause of the fire is still unknown and police are investigating.

Meanwhile a Councillor in the area, Gladstone Ntamo says when he arrived on scene fire fighters were hard at work trying to control the blaze. “It was not easy for them (fire fighters) to stop the fire because of the wind. People tried to move some of their things, but most of their things were destroyed by the fire”.


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