Monday, December 15, 2008

Big donation made to Tygerberg Children’s Hospital

By Sasha Forbes
15 December 2008

Today the children of Tygerberg Children’s Hospital received a generous donation of 10 CD players and CD’s of children’s stories from Ruda Landman and Greer Blizzard.

Communications for the Western Cape Department of Health’s Laticia Pienaar says “children learn from story telling so they learn to listen and imagine, so they learn to concentrate and learn languages.” Each series comes in many different languages and this helps each child develop their mind in a different way.

Pienaar also says “because these children are in hospital for a long time, having these stories available in the wards will ensure that they will not miss out on important development opportunities.”


At Monday, 01 June, 2009, Blogger lizette said...

I went to visit a friends daughter at the tygerberg hospital on 31.05.2009 and I did not see any DVD players.My friend had to take her portable tv to the hospital for them to watch tv on in the ward.The state of the wards is very sad.The food these kids have to eat is disgusting.This is just my opinion but I am not sitting back doing nothing I am going to try to collect as much as possible to help these wards.


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