Wednesday, December 10, 2008

City appeals to South Peninsula residents to use water sparingly

By Yamkela Xhaso
10 December

The City's Water and Sanitation Department urgently appeals to residents in the South Peninsula to use water sparingly. Farouk Robertson, Communication Officer, Water and Sanitation Department said the hot weather led to substantial increase in water consumption.

“And what we’ve also noticed is the fact that people are not adhering to the water conservation practices which we have on numerous occasions publicised via the media” said Robertson

Robertson said they are founding a bit difficult to maintain the reservoir levels and “we do not want this to lead to unfortunate consequences for our residents”

Robertson has asked the residents to follow these rules.

· Do not water gardens between 10am and 4pm
· Do not water gardens every day or excessively
· Cover swimming pools when they are not in use
· Do not wash cars using hoses without trigger nozzles
· Do not hose down driveways, use a broom
· Re-use bath and sink water to water plants and lawns
· Mulching flower beds keeps down the weeds and holds moisture in the soil for longer
· Do not let water just run unwillingly

“This is a very expensive commodity, a very essential commodity in our lives; we need to use it wisely”

Robertsons thanked all those who are practising water conservation.


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