Thursday, December 25, 2008

City’s plan to curb veld fires

By Cindy Witten
25 December 2008

Motorists who dispose of their burning cigarette butts out of their vehicles will have to pay a fine of R1000 if they are caught. The City of Cape Town says this is in a bid to curb veld fires in the hot, dry and windy weather in the region. In a statement the city’s fire and rescue station Commander says the move is also a reminder of the Fire Safety Amendment by-law which regulates fire safety in the City.

The City appeals to motorist to use their vehicle ashtrays to dispose of matches and cigarette butts. Perpetrators could be reported to the city’s 24 hour emergency control centre on 021 424 7715.

Witnesses must note the following;

· The date, time and address of the incident (suburb, road or nearest cross-road)
· The type, colour and make of the vehicle and registration number
· The complainant must also give their name, address and contact number

“A fire department official will then contact the complainant to investigate and obtain all details relevant to the incident. As we have said before, it’s only where the cigarette butt might cause a fire will we be issuing a fine,” said City spokesperson Denzel Ramedies.


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